For 45 years we have been fortunate in finding the most wonderful homes for our puppies; so many of them coming back for second & thirds, whether for companions or show. We couldn't begin to thank all our caring people for all the pictures sent thru the years....but we decided to start...THANKS GUYS...for the happiness, love & memories...


         Baby Eli 18 weeks with his best buddy "Sinatra"



Eli's best friend will always be "Bank'r'


Lucas, with his best sleeping buddy "Fever"




Our dogs LOVVV kids. CJ/Lucas with
'Whiskey/Fever',always best buds


LiLChubbyCheeks 'Elijah' with BIGGG 'Bank'r'





Emilys' most favorite buddy "Ronix"


"Sinatra" babysits for Elijah



The Bartsch family with their two beloved 4 legged kids: ''Mr Moo and Soldier"

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