Our Veterans...46 yrs of nature's immunity; no vaccines, no preventatives, no flea/tick poisons, no drugs = LONGEVITY & NO heart/ joint/liver/kidney failure/disease. Yes we are bragging :O)


Just a 'springChicken' at heart; "Gracie" (Poker kid) (11 yrs) is loved & cherished by Leon Reimert/Dave Houtz





10 yr "Tank" still goes squirrel hunting. A most youthful 10, he is loved/adored by
Dawn Buckland
Beautiful, lively, spry and healthy…out of "Fraser" (GMJ's Spoiled Spo®t)...

12 yr old "Bianca" is adored by Lesa Bastow (Patientdanes)






I'm sure with all the puppies you've had you won't remember us well but I wanted to let you know what's happening with Canon. In this picture Canon is 13 years!  I call him my energizer bunny as he just keeps on going. 

His life has been spent watching TV and chasing rabbits in his backyard with nothing ever upsetting him or bothering him. Even this week with cooler weather he has been tossing his toy in the air and playing with his 3 year old brother. A ride in his van to look at cows has always been a big thrill too.

Rest assured I will not let him suffer in these golden years as he has been the most tried and true friend ever. I will continue to enjoy his companionship until the day when I see he has no quality of life - quite frankly I hope he will leave me peacefully in his sleep but that big ol' heart seems to be strong as ever so I may have to make the decision.

In this length of time I have heard Canon whine twice - when his ears were being jerked by his brother - and any exhibit of pain has escaped him. He's always the strong silent type that perks up when the pizza box comes through the door. 

For my wonderful friend and the longevity of our companionship I wanted to say thank you so much Gina!


CH GMJ'shestrutzrstuff Imperiale...''Spatz'' 1999-2011

Dam, GrandDam, Great GrandDam, Great Great GrandDam of many champions & generations of beloved companions.
One such as her comes into your life only once.

Rest in peace old lady friend.

12 yr old ''Foxy'' (Dkota daughter) still going strong.

Temperament/health/longevity is our priority ONE, as this gorgeous sweet "D'kota" daughter celebrates her 12th birthday!

Still spry....YOU definitely rock ''FOXY''; here's to many more.


Happy 12th Birthday sweet


'Abbie' 10 years...


"Kappy" (Pokers' brother) Spry & loving life at age 10.
Owned/adored by Richard Dower.


"Bianca" 12 years young and loving life to the fullest. Loved & adored by Lesa Bastow & out of GMJ's the Spoiled Spo(r)t "Fraser"


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