"46 years of sweethearts"



TEMPERAMENT is PRIORITY ONE! All our dogs are ''companions'' first. In 40 years we have placed hundreds of puppies & adults... and have never gotten ONE back. Our guys have ONE home - for life. Our typical loving, devoted, laid back, easy going, calm, kissy-faced ''Mushes'' truly epitomize the ''gentle giant.'' 

We can't begin to thank everyone for all the testimonials....but we have decided to start.
The number one question: ''Are danes good with kids?" This SAYS IT ALL !

Courtesy of Chantel Johnson/Celeste.


Our dogs LOVVVVVE kids...
Chazzzzzz & Olivia :O)


ALL our Danes LOVE kids (Sydney Gerdeman & "Patience")

It's so funny - ''Patience'' will do anything Sydney asks her to do. Such a little girl telling a big girl what to do. When Sydney gets up in the morning - "Patience" is wagging her butt and giving Sydney kisses. It is so cute.
lov Dawn


Guess who just came thru the dog door dragging a 3 ft long branch ?!!!!!!!! He is a TRIP! Attached toooo many pictures of him but I can't pick...he's so damned cute!

Also he was watching them preparing a bath for a dog on Animal Planet. I love it when he watches! He is so curious about EVERYTHING! Just the sweetest part of puppyhood.

We took a nap on the couch yesterday, had a quilt over me (it was very cool) and he climbed up on top of me and settled in for the snoozzzzzzzzzz.. S

Such loving puppy....... I could just eat him with a spoon!



Gina...this dog is miraculous! I am in heaven on earth....sooo loving, soooo patient...laid back and just smoooooooooothe! I will NEVER be able to say thank you enough for this spectacular babeee........he is DIVINE ! .. CHAZZZZ WILL change my life forever.....soooooo in LOVE. He's a STAR everywhere!

When I look at this precious puppy I nearly cry...to think that this angel is mine...........he is sooooooooo good and for 6 months. He loves his honky duck....played with it, honked it .....so darned cute! Gina he is a blessed angel.........thank you .......just thank you for letting him grace my life......... he and I are going to be the best of friends for so many many years. I am so enchanted with him....what a gift of life.

We are both too pooped to pop and soon to go to bed....started this day pretty early........goodnight my friend.........



Hi Gina....I have to thank you again for this puppy she is just amazing!! I feel so lucky to have her! She is soooo gorgeous, smart, and totally sweet to everyone.


Hi Gina,

I took some pictures of Strider with my Nephew, Jacob the other day and thought you might enjoy (please note who's rear end is in the chair, and who's is not...) He's such a love-muffin! You'd think he was bred to be a bird dog, with a mouth as soft as his. He won't even hold on to a toy hard enough to play tug-of-war with my German Shepherd (much to her chagrin...)! Really, he's a beautiful, wonderful dog! And so much fun to take places; he creates a crowd wherever he goes!

Thanks for letting us enjoy him!
Beth & Summer

 This is a ''Rocky & Tyranny'' puppy and this is what it's all about.....


Temperament is PRIORITY one ! It bears repeating...This is a Poker kid...

Hi Gina,

He (Tooley) is just the best ever. All of my Danes were sweeties, but I won't kid you, yours tops them all. He can put his fat head on your shoulder up to your neck and he presses down so that you can pet him for a couple of hours, I suppose. I wear out after 10 minutes or so. Just a lover boy!!! As, am I, of course!!! I will try to take some pics of romping in the snow tomorrow. Stay well. We will be "in touch". 

Alan & Joyce

For 38 yrs...hundreds of ''kids'' have grown up with GMJ puppies/adults. Our dogs LOOOOOOOVE kids !

You know, everyone has their idea or opinion of what a Great Dane should look like, but I'd swear so many have bred away that awesome Great Dane appearance that you have maintained. I've seen structural changes that just make me sad. I know temperament is the main ingredient...but your Danes are a credit to the total package.

IMO, you are a credit to the Great Dane breed...it's just a fact, just the truth. 
Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself when I look at Deuce and realize I have one of your Danes. I thought for sure I would never own one of your GMJ masterpieces...but then came Deuce and fate. Pinch, pinch !! 

One day I would love to get an e-mail from you saying you had written a book about your experiences with Danes. Until then, I'll just feel fortunate for how much you have contributed to the betterment of this breed I love so dearly..... 

"Daneridge's Penelope  Steele" NA, NAJ, NAP, OJP, CGC, TDI, TT
 ...10 1/2 YEARS OLD !! 
( Ch GMJ's the Zacharia P. Steele X Daneridge's Camelot)

Penelope is everything anyone could ever hope for in a Dane ; healthy, sound, beautiful , intelligent , athletic , lovable , and so much more. Her description , like our love for her - is beyond words, but those who know her know exactly what we mean when we say she's truly  A MAGICAL MERLE ! 


10th birthday!


GMJ's the Entrepeneur..."Gates" 

I love his size (head and overall) and I think he's so beautiful, but then again I'm a little biased! So funny you should say "gentle giant" because it IS him. He loves everyone and everything! My big baby boy (13 months already!) and still growing...drool strings and mush-faced kisses from you know who...Rach"

p.s... we're not just people friendly !




Our consistently wonderful 
temperaments can't be beat!

He's a wonderful companion as well as a
handsome guy ! Congratulations on 
keeping such excellent movement 
in your line.....Crystal 


I just could eat him up all day long......he is a complete & total LOVE & his FACE is to DIE FOR!!!!!! I am so so so so so thankful for this dog and so grateful for all of your work to make this breed such a joy to be around !!!!!! I am reaping the benefits & will for years to come.

I cant thank you enough...we all fell in love with him instantly...p.s. he not only kisses me but ray & the girls......


Hi Gina,

This year has gone. And when I look back, I can see the things I have done and the wishes and dreams that I realized and made them real. And be sure that you are part of them and you help and allowed me believe that we can change things when we work hard.

Now I have here with me part of your hard work of many and many years. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I really hope that you have a very nice Christmas time and a wonderful New 

Roberto Torres and family and Great Danes (Brazil).

Hi Gina,

What's it been....two weeks since Deuce got here ? We could not have special ordered a more perfect fit to be part of our Dane family. Sure Deuce has some learning ahead of him, but he's just a pup.....and a WONDERFUL pup at that ! What a testament to the right kind of breeding and temperaments.....two weeks and you would think these four grew up as puppies together. 

Smiles, Bob & Laura


"Laura B." is a wonderful, wonderful puppy. She has never been really naughty. The thing that is so great about her, is that she is just not smart in one area. L.B. has no vices. She lives, and LOVES, to please. It's like it is her mission in life. 

As I have told you before, she is one of the most balanced dogs I have ever owned. The icing is her extraordinary mind. The cherry is her loveliness. What can I tell you, Gina. Laura B. is a credit to you, and to the breed. It is unfortunate that her color has been put first, instead of last. 

As a horsewoman, you know that coat color is the last consideration when choosing a top prospect. 



This dog has changed my life forever. Bless you for bringing the black & white back to me. I am talking about you and your dogs so much, your ears must be ringing. He literally stops traffic!! What an honor for me to have one of your dogs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.






GMJ Xcel's Jackpot at Hardrock..."Casino''

THANK YOU so much. OMG I love this lil boy to pieces, he LOVES everybody...and thanks the good lord everyday for GINA. 


Hi Gina,
Here's Maggie's 11 week pic. She's a real sweetie and we love watching her grow. Thank you for such a great dog !!!!! She's beautiful.

Our dogs LOVVVVe kids...it bears repeating.







TEMPERAMENT is PRIORITY ONE...it bears repeating !!















Can't say it enough...OUR DOGS LOVVV KIDZZZZ












"Dixie" was an absolute sweetheart and the gentlest of souls
right up to the end. She was our first baby and a great friend
and protector to our children that followed. She was my
dearest friend and I thank you for ten years with her.






















Jalyn with Harley and Dakota.
They are so easy going.





















Our dogs lovvvvvve kidsssss !









Jasper and Maxwell














It bears repeating...our dogs LOVE kids!!







Our dogs LovvvvvvKids ''Finn'' with Jack & Max Watling.

...and ''Profit'' with Lola Smith ( who's watching who?)

43 yrs of CALMDevotedLovablKissyFacdLaidBackHunksOMushes



Our dogs & kids....best buddies for 43 yrs

(2013) Our dogs just LovvvvvKids.

YEP...our dogs LOVVVVKIDDDZZZ, especially babies :O)

He is a PLEASURE........Very different from any Dane we have had. He is a Cut Up!!! He loves to have fun and is happy to see everyone.

If I don't put a bra away he takes it and walks to the kitchen with it and waits by the cookie jar and won't give it up until he gets one. It doesn't matter what he takes, he thinks if he brings it to the jar he gets
a cookie...HE's RIGHT!!!

Thank you for our Bestest Boy!! Ev ahhhh

It bears repeating again & again...our dogs LOVVVVVV kids =)



Levi's best buddy is ''TALLY''
Lucas and "Fever"creating a lifetime bond :O)


Yep/for sure/DEFinitely...our dogs lovvvvvKiddddds


Our beloved "Tally". This is what it is all about...





Need we say more?



Our dogs LOVVVV kids . . . Eli with his best buddy "Bankr"...'Bah-Humbug to Christmas photos' !

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