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We proudly present "POKER'S" CHAMPION and up & coming kids...


Now it's CHAMPION "Bookie" - Pokers' 19th Champion... finishing with 4 majors from the 6-9 class. Our youngest harle to finish .

Following right along in Dads footstep; Our amazing 'Poker' son
(finishing at 7 1/2 mos) is soaring beyond our wildest dreams.
#3 Great Dane 12-15-15...and sweetness, just like DaD.

His winning streak continues...his movement is his forte. ROCK ON "Bookie" !!

GRND CH GMJ Daneridge'sLeanMeanGamblingMchine "Bookie"

CH Gmj's The Five Card Studd CH Sasdania's Passion Tristan CH Amherst-Davisdane Roadrunner CD CGC CH. Steigerhill's Trailblazer
Amherst's Nicoletta
CH Sasdania's Passion Anubus' Domino V Sasdaniaq
Anubus' Southern Scandal
BISS. CH. GMJ'S The General D'Kota CH GMJ's The Zacharia P Steele
GMJ'S The Dreamboat
GMJ'S The EZ Ryder Cinco's Commanche Chief CD CDX TDI CGC
CH. GMJ's The Wealthy MS Kittridge
Daneridge's Delaney CH Saravilla's Dnd Toast V Dublin CH Beaubaton Dromolndvsaravilla CH Vi-Dayne's Johnny Angel
Leigh's Madame Maxime
Saravilla Oh'Bellaveeta CH Harlwood-Briggadane Ricochet
Saravilla's Cinemax V Sanmar
Daneridge's Hotwire
CH Gmj's The C.E.O. Speaks Gmj's Gunfighter At Ok Corral
Gmj's The Sweetsmell Of Success
Daneridge Violet CH Daneridge The NXT Generation
Daneridge's Two Tone

...and not lagging behind is beautiful sister..."Hosannah"
who also has BOTH her majors out of 6-9 class.

Sister ''Hosannah'' finishes at 12 mos with 4 majors!
She is POKERS 20th champion;are we proud :O)

CH GMJ Daneridge Hosannah'SleightofHand

Now it's CH T and T's GMJ's the Inimitable ''Doc'' Holliday finishing
UNDEFEATED (a record for a harle ,we think) at 12 mos
with 4 majors ! Awesome ''Doc''.....'Bookie's' first champion son

"CH GMJ.J Behold PokersNovaSupreme the Sting" (Poker & Hotsie)

FLASH FLASH...WOW in ONE day 3 wins for the 13 mo baby: Best
in Sweeps, back-back 4 pt specialty majors ! He did it allllll !

FLASH!!!! it's now CHAMPION "Sting" all in 3
weekends and one LIL 13 1/2 mos.


"STING" at the National 2010, HONORABLY pulled for WD at 9 mos!!


FLASH!!!! Pokers 15th champion to finish,
CHAMPION GMJ's Renegade The REDHOT Poker

"Fever" finished with 4 straight Specialty Majors & 2 BISweeps:
GDC W Pa - Bill Stebbins
GDC Greater Cinc (AM) -Treasure Hauer-Wylie
" " " (PM) - Leon Reimert
GDC Cleveland - Donna Clark


...and 'Fever's' sister "Tally" ; POKERS 18 champion, finishing in
style with 2 back/back 4 pt majors.Our extremely sound/moving
balanced girl...CH GMJ's Tallier Stacks The Deck.
Owned & loved by Loren Bengston/Brian Seiber/GMJ




We think this guy is just Tooooo Stunning for words.
Our 14 wk. deaf boy (Poker son) "Roxin" !


Presenting POKER'S 13th champion:
CH Hi Stakes Lucky Carribean Studd "Thatcher"
Bred, owned & loved by Susan Webster (Hi Stake)


WOW! Pokers' 16 & 17th champion litter sisters:

"Molly" CH Patientdanes GMJ Prima Facia bred/owned by Lesa Bastow.

"Soko" (upper) CH Patientdanes GMJ TandT's BestPokerFaceNTown
owned by Tom/Tamra Bassett.

CONSISTENCY . . . the proof is in the pudding :O)


'Pokers' 21st champion!
CH Chroma Favored by Fortune GMJ,
a very handsome youngster owned and loved
by JP Yousha and Stuart/Maura Wright


CH GMJ's Luck B.A. Lady T'nite (Sinatra)
...''SINATRA'' FINISHES ...from the 9-12 PUPPY class !!!!
Now it's CHAMPION GMJ's Luck B.A.Lady T'nite...... TWO back-back
4 pt majors ( also ... BEST in Specialty sweepstakes) to FINISH .
Are we PROUD or what ! She is ''POKER'S" 6th champion.


"Sinatra'' at the 2007 National"

Now it's CHAMPION...
CH Thor Kourt's ''Taku'' TrafPokur
POKER's 12th Champion.

...5 pt Specialty major AND AOM over top specials,
owner handled GDC N. California...way to go ''Taku''


Pokers' FIRST champion...Ch Harlwood-GMJ Poker Party
Owners: Don/BettyLou Wood


Pokers' 2nd champion..CH Harlwood-GMJ
at the Copa...Owners: Don/Betty Lou Wood


Pokers' 4th champion CH Harlwood-GMJ Party Game...Owners: Don/Betty Lou Wood


This young Poker son is HOT....  CH GMJ's the ''DEALER'' at Caezars

F L A S it's CH GMJ's the Dealer at Caezars.
In just a FEW short months this superb moving/sound youngster
acquired his championship along with a BOB from the class
over a top Special ! Proud owners :Rick/ Dee Gesiorski


GMJ's ''Deuce's'' the Wild Card's beeeeeautiful 
head ( 18 mos)  -  JUST like Dad's !


Rockbridge Amazing Grace..."Gracie"
Owners: Leon Reimert, Dave Houtz
Gracie shines at the National...


Rockbridge Amazing Grace ...''Gracie''
Owners: Leon Reimert, Dave Houtz


F L A S H...''Dallas'' is now MEX. CH GMJ's the Texas Holdem
...Pokers 11th champion.
Owner: Fernando Cabral


Owner: Cari Jensen 2 years

Poker's 9th champion CH Thor-Kourts ''Tseraphim''
Trafpoker finishes very fast. She looks like Dad !


CH Thor-Kourts ''Keeno'' TrafPoker...a very handsome
guy finishing FAST and producing very nice kids himself.
Owner: MJ Cohen


CH Thor-Kourts "Ketoile" TrafPoker was smoooooth sailing for this sound POKER daughter.
Owner: MJ Cohen


Another young Poker daughter (owned by Elisa Fox-Bolveri )starting
her ''show'' career. Oracle GMJ Showgirl in Sin City...''Lola''...go for it !


CH GMJ's the SEVEN Card Studd "Nevada"

 "Nevada'' finishes with a BANG...WD, BOS (20 specials) for a 5 pt major (entry over 100)


...and Nevada's first 'KIDS'
FLASH!!! Riley went on the tough Florida circuit and won 4 straight
shows, including 3's now CH Indi Danes National Treasure.


Our beeeeeeeautiful heads, faces and captivating expressions...can't be beat !

...and our bites are ALWAYS perfect ! 


We are proud of our 'consistency'

"Bank'r"' is now CH Gambler GMJ'Second Genration
Card Shark...making him 'D'kota's'' 10th champion!!


Gambler GMJ'She's BlackGold "Sahara" starts her
show career (18 mos) with WB, Ballston Spa.


GMJ Gambler's the Schmoozr ''Chazzzz''
Owned/absolutely adored & cherished by :Jane Fletter

Madi 'WINS' WB,BOW at the GDCA 2008 National !! What a way to finish !
Now it's CH Mochree Irish Melody of Magnus ( YES, we are very proud)

"Maddi'' Owner: Paddy Magnuson
Dam: BISS CH Rockbride's Charli Angel A/J, RN,2 AOM

Pictured at 12 months.



NOW IT'S Ch Big Nutt's Wild Irish Thyme of Magnus (girl)..."Danni"
...finishing with GDC N. Calif Spec. 5 pt major !
Owners: J. Curnutt / E. Bigby-Artle
''D'kota's'' 9th champion !!!!


"Seanni" (Seanachai)

NOW it's 'CHAMPION' Seanachi Irish Mooch
of Magnus at the tender age of 15 mos

Owner: Paddy Magnuson


('D'kota's" 9th champion)
Introducing another spectacular ''D'kota'' baby boy...'' CH T and
T's The Major General'' (Max) This 15 mo. puppy boy is a
TALL, hunk loaded with bone & substance...and sweet
calm temperament. Breeder/Owner: Tom/Tamra Bassett

"MAX" wins TWO AOM's ...GDCA (thanks to Clare Lincoln) AND...
the ONLY harle to win an AOM GDCNCF (thanks to Terry Goldman) !

Another ''D'kota'' kid in Denmark (Great Bels Cairo)
owned by Stina Tojberg; we ARE proud .


Now it's CH Davishire's KnockURRocksOff (Mick)
(CH GMJ's the Northtown Rock X CH Davishire's Impetuous ala AJ)
Owners: John Goldsmith/Kathleen Davis

"Mick'' takes 3 point major at the GDC of Tucson
Mick's BIG finish...5 pt major, Wilamette Valley GDC Spec.


FLASH!!!!..."Roxette" finishes and now it's CH Davishires Rock Candy
(CH GMJ's the Northtown Rock X CH Davishire's Impetuous ala AJ)
Owner: Kathleen Davis


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